Frequently Asked Questions

General Understanding of FlameFy

A Story is your message to your Users. It includes any contents type (audio, video, picture, etc.) you want. According to your selected Price Plan you can enhance it by using Actions and Triggers to make it more personalized and then automate the Web for you. A list of Triggers/Actions will then create a complete and contextualized storytelling journey.
Triggers are any events done by a User (click, tap, tweet) or any external event (time, location, etc.). It will then trigger an Action you want to be done. Simply put, it acts like IF something happens, THEN we do something for you. Can be sending a Picture, playing a Video, blogging, sending an email, drive a connected object, etc... Sky's the limit!
A STEP represents the couple Trigger/Action. Your Story will be built up with a list of STEPS (almost unlimited number) mapping your storytelling to a programmatic list of IF/THEN. STEPS by STEPS, Users will then explore your Story.
Rewards represent prizes, perks to grant to Users for some actions. You can deliver then some badges (we have a library of different ones), or deliver real goods via platforms like Amazon or Alibaba. You use our Reward Designer to express which condition will issue a Reward to a User: scores, number of likes, etc... Once it's done, our game engine will distribute Rewards on real time basis to all connected Users becoming then winners. It's as simple as that :)

Producing and Broadcasting Stories

When you create a Story, you have the choice between two different modes of execution: SOLO means that every User will have his own session, and controls his progression, STEPS by STEPS, in your Story. MULTI mode is radically different: all connected Users will see the same things at the same time on their screens. YOU do control the Story flow by triggering each STEP, one after one. You're the master of the game!
FlameFy records all interactions between our servers and your Users, across all possible screens. It allows us, then, offering you from key initial analytics like: number of connected Users, their devices, their country, to more advanced ones, such as: number of Pages getting most liked, most popular Stories, Users journey STEPS by STEPS, etc... We do visualize all these data in simples and elegants charts that you can easily integrate in your own website (we've nice widgets for that!). You can also export these data to use them with your marketing and CRM tools.
When your Story editing is done, you simply Publish it! We then generate for you a web link (URL) you can distribute by email, chat, instant mail or publish on any social network. Moreover we also generate a QR code easy to use with a mobile phone. Last but not least, we also generate the HTML code allowing you to embed the Story Player in your blog, web site.

Client-side Management

No need :) Our technology is available on any browser-based device. Then, thanks to us, you don't have to create and register any native app in any Stores, it's pure freedom! Anyway, you can also, if that makes sense to you, include our player and APIs into any native code (via our SDK).
When Users watch your Story on their screens thay can immediately interact by using 'Like' feature but also 'Share' to social networks or 'Comment'. They can also see their connected friends and chat with them.
You permanently know who is connected (and was) and discuss by using our local chat system. Don't also forget that you can grant Users with Rewards and engage them with real time contests and quizzes!

Price Plan, Pricing

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you choose to upgrade you'll pay a pro-rated amount for the rest of the month. If you choose to downgrade you'll be credited on next months bill.
If you no longer want to use FlameFy, you can cancel at any time. You will receive a pro-rated credit with FlameFy for the remainder of that months billing cycle.
Payment is done with banking cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) via a gateway that guarantees us (and you!) most recent and best security mechanisms.
Security and confidentialty of your data is our major priority. All your data exchange are encrypted using SSL. Our servers are protected by all mechanisms offered by Amazon Web Services, our hosting provider.

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